Scout District of Eastern Attica, Greece (Greater Athens Area)

The Scouts of Greece (Soma Hellinon Proskopon - SEP) were established in 1917 (Law 1066/1917) and are based in Athens, Greece. It is a charitable non-profit private law organisation supervised by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. SEP continues the Scout Movement that started in Greece in 1910 and is the only recognized Scout Organization for Greece. SEP is a founding member of the World Organization of Scout Movement (WOSM) established in 1922.

For organisation and operation purposes the country is divided into Areas and Districts to monitor and coordinate the Scout work and proper functioning of the Scout Groups and the development of the Scout Movement.

The Scout District of Eastern Attica (PEAN) coordinates the actions in the region of Eastern Attica (part of the Greater Athens Area).

There are currently around 40 active Scout Groups in our district. This map shows their locations and contact data.


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